Country Home: Front Door Entry Tips & Inspiration

The entrance to a country home needs to offer practicality, functionality and style. As you enter the home it is essential to have a nook to unload from the day. However, this drop-off point can quickly get messy with bags, keys, jackets and shoes. A well organised front door entry will create a positive first impression for guests and set the flow and design for the rest of your home.

We’ve put together these top design tips for your front door entry:

  • Statement Piece – A mirror can be a beautiful addition to your entry whilst also making the space appear bigger. Hanging a mirror perpendicular to the front door, rather than directly in front of it, is considered feng shui best practice. You may also consider hanging artwork, adding plants or personal touches like family photos. Make sure you pick your colour palette first so that whatever items you include will give a unified look.
  • Storage & Furniture – Consider deep drawers, boxes or a cupboard. This will give you space to store away dirty boots or worn schoolbags, and will make sure everything isn’t in plain sight. A consule table is a great inclusion as it has a narrow width which doesn’t overcrowd the area. Look for furniture treasures on local buy and sell pages or your favourite home décor stores.
  • Seating – Bench seating or a mini couch can be functional so that family members can sit while they put on or take off their shoes. You can also add some colourful throw cushions to showcase your unique style.
  • Hooks – Hanging bags and jackets allows them to be easily accessed during busy mornings.  Take the time to find the style of hooks or a coat rack that will complement the rest of the entryway. Ikeas, Freedom and Bunnings have a range to select from.
  • Personalised Compartments – You can allocate a space for each family member for essential items like keys, mail and phones. Tuck them away in a draw but add compartments for easy organisation.

We hope you will be inspired to start planning your front door entry. Remember to have fun, keep it simple and follow your unique design flair.