Asked Questions

What are the benefits of building a modular home?

Building offsite means we are able to completely manage the build from start to finish and ensure the highest quality control at all stages of construction. Other benefits include faster construction times, lower costs and increased energy efficiency. We also overcome challenges facing regional customers, like the supply of trade materials, skilled tradespeople and time delays due to inclement weather. 

Can I customise my home?

Yes, your modular home can be a one-off custom design if you can’t quite find something from our range. You may have special requirements or wish to modify an existing design. We offer flexibility, large or small we can accommodate your unique home aspirations.

What site conditions can I build on?

We build homes to suit a range of conditions and locations. With the right design and engineering we can overcome various construction challenges such as building in cyclonic regions, between 100 metres or 1000 kilometres from the ocean, on a sloping block or on a sandy site or homes located .

Do you have options for people building a sustainable home?

Our designs can be custom to your desired requirements including building a sustainable home. We include an energy-efficient gas hot water system, insulation and an Individual Energy Efficiency Assessment as standard in all our homes. However, if you have further eco-friendly requirements, we can cost these extras for an additional fee.

Are modular homes lower quality than those built with traditional construction methods?

Modular or prefabricated home construction has come a long way over the years. People walking into our display homes are often surprised to see the range of high-quality fittings and fixtures available. We use premium Australian brands and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building and designing modular homes. We provide a 10-year structural guarantee and an exclusive six-month warranty-free service period for all our homes.

Is the transportation cost included in the house price?

Our home prices include transportation costs for delivery up to 200km from our Maddington production yard. Properties outside this radius will be costed on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an additional cost to install or set up my home?

Our pricing includes fully connecting and installing your home to services like plumbing and electricity. Internal and external treatments like flooring, painting and insulation are also standard inclusions. There are occasions where additional fees are required to meet non-standard conditions or requests. We state costs upfront to avoid any unnecessary surprises during your home building journey.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes, also referred to as prefabricated or transportable homes, are built in sections (modules) to 90% completion and then transported to site. Because they’re built in a controlled factory environment, they can be constructed with more precision and quality control than traditional homes built on-site.