Lifestyle Homes to Boyanup, WA

Seven Exceptional Lifestyle Homes to Boyanup.

TR Homes has built seven stunning lifestyle homes for Aspen Group, a national residential, retirement and park community accommodation provider. These homes were delivered to …
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Are modular houses the future? Here are the top 8 benefits for WA home buyers

Modular Houses are Growing in Popularity. In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, innovative solutions are constantly reshaping the way we think about homeownership. One …
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Bankwest’s Game-Changing Move to Help Finance Modular Home Builds in WA

Financing a Modular Home Build. In a groundbreaking development for modular home building, Bankwest has introduced an additional progress payment to support modular property construction in …
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Grange Farmhouse in Country WA

Building for the future on the farm – how Sally and Dan beat the odds

Sally and Dan O’Brien know better than most the rigours of farming and so trying to fit in planning to build a new family home …
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Modular Home Under Construction

Debunking Modular Misconceptions

As interest in prefabricated, relocatable, and modular homes continues to rise, so do the misconceptions surrounding these innovative housing solutions. At TR Homes, we understand …
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Cyclone rated homes WA - cyclone on a map

Riding the Storm: Building a Cyclone-rated House in WA

Protecting Your Home in Cyclone-Prone Regions Living in a cyclonic region can be challenging. The devastation caused to homes and communities by a cyclone can …
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