Adding to 100 years of history

With two young children, the Madigan family were feeling the squeeze in their 100 year old farmhouse. Rather than knock down their piece of history, they decided to build a modern, customised extension (which will be attached to the original house via a breezeway), to get the living space that they craved. Here is their story.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and life in York?

We live and work on our farm with our two young children. Life is great on the farm and the kids love growing up with endless space to roam and play. There is always something happening and so many different things to see and do. With a growing family, space was the main issue in our original main house, so we decided to complete an extension as we couldn’t bring ourselves to knock over a beautiful 100 year old house with so many memories from our family and others over the years.

Why did you choose TR Homes for your extension?

TR Homes were fantastic in the way that they facilitated all of our ideas and worked with us to make them a reality. Being that we wanted a one off build, TR Homes where more than happy to run with it and helped in all the design aspects where required. Never once did we feel like we were being railroaded into a different direction. Because of the uniqueness of our plan and so many unknown components, the bonus was that our ideas where invested in, which meant that we could come up with a good idea of what we were going to get and what it was going to cost from the start before we had to outlay any money. Also living in a rural location, we really liked the fact that building a transportable would mean that 99% of it would be done off site.

It is a completely different style to the main house. How did you find the process of designing the extension?

Yes it is completely different to the main house, and this was part of the planning idea from the start. We thought it would be too hard to match up to a 100 year old building and the costs would be huge, so instead of trying to join the two we decided to keep them separate. The process of designing the extension was pretty simple with TR Homes. We basically just came up with the features that we would like and they helped put it onto paper and into a format that would work. For example we knew we wanted extra light in the living areas, so we floated the idea with TR Homes and they came back with some ideas. We ended up with high light windows which are an AWESOME feature. This would not be possible in a brick and tile home.

What are the advantages / benefits you see in building modular homes?

  • Quality of build, with TR Homes have good quality contacts
  • Project management and build all on one site
  • There was nothing that couldn’t be done – polished concrete flooring, highlight windows, extra insulation, window tint options, stone bench tops, the option to upgrade kitchen appliances to what we wanted. All mod cons are virtually available
  • Steel frame, so less chance of termite damage and seals up well to keep mice/vermin out
  • Price – We feel that our budget was always kept in mind and we got a lot of house for what we wanted to spend.

Would you recommend TR to family & friends? Why?

Yes we would highly recommend TR Homes and already have. They can not be faulted from design, through to build and delivery. We have been made to feel like Rockstar clients the whole way through the process with every question and query being answered promptly and without hesitation. You speak with some people that dread the building process and say they would never build again, but we can honestly say that we have enjoyed working with TR Homes. When it came to building, they handled everything professionally and on time, with frequent updates on the stages and they always accommodated us every time we wanted to drop in whilst in Perth “Just for a look”. It still doesn’t feel real that we could get exactly what we wanted, within our budget and everything is included.


You can scroll through the pictures the Madigans took of their new home below:


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