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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

The Bussenschutt's in Three Springs

TR Families

The Bussenschutt's in Three Springs


Bec and Hayden Bussenschutt built a TR Homes 'Sandfire' design for their farm in Three Springs, Western Australia. Just over 6 months after their new home was delivered, we dropped them a line to talk about their building experience. Read through our Q&A with Bec below.

Tell us a little about yourself and life in Three Springs
We were farming with Hadyn’s (my husband) Uncle who decided to retire. We were given the option to buy a little of the farm he was selling to retire – it had an old 1950’s house on it and we were not so keen to renovate.  Getting tradies out here costs more in travel to get here than to actually complete the work sometimes. The old house design was difficult to work with to gain the type of home we wanted. So, we decided to start again.
Now we have a small farm of own and both work at the local Talc mine.  We are able to live the best of both worlds, still doing a little farming while only working a four-day a week mining shift. 
The farm is located on the original 1904 Dudawa Estate and it is very close to our hearts to keep the pioneering history of Hadyn’s family in the area.  We have collected old family machinery and items that are positioned around the house and shed yards to remind us of the days gone by.  Also, renaming the farm to Dudawa View to align with the history of the Estate and the family history.

Why did you buy a TR home? What was the ultimate decision that made you choose TR?
Design, reputation and great website and information for us to research before we came to Perth to chat about how to do it.  We have previously built a transportable home with another company that was based in Geraldton – so it was closer to us back then – they were pricey back then and have since disbanded.  We were very familiar with what we wanted as we had designed one before – TR had the best options for us after experiencing a transportable home before.  We knew what we liked and didn’t and what we wanted this time.

What are the advantages/benefits you see in building modular/pre-fab/transportable homes?
Time frames of build and delivery as we are regional.

What did you like about The Sandfire design in particular?
Open living in the main section, the views from 3 sides of the house which is what we were looking for in particular. The design allows for the views to be enjoyed from all aspects – as we are located on top of a hill surrounded by bush and paddocks giving us views of up to 40 km in some directions. This was important to us.
We felt the double door entrance on the farm defeats the purpose so we turned it into a scullery / store room – which everyone who has looked at the design loves.
Our daughters attend the local Three Springs Primary School and will need space as they grow.  The Sandfire design allowed for their bedrooms to be at opposite ends of the house – giving them their own personal quiet space.
We had verandahs attached by Action Outdoors Moora – they are wonderful and make the house look more “station or Homestead” to suit the farm and to give us an outdoor living space in all seasons of the year.

How is the house for you now, several months after moving in?
Great condition and looking brand new still.

Is there anything you’ll do differently if you built another home?
We didn’t know that the paint is not “washable” as such – so any small marks show up and cannot be removed. Also, the grout is not sealed – so these two things will eventually have to be maintained sooner.  This needs to be explained as an option as we would have gone with it especially with children and hard regional water supplies.

Would you recommend TR to family/friends? Why?
Yes – it was a great process.  We had a few hiccups but I think that is due to many different staff changes within TR and communications getting crossed or forgotten.