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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

Winning family home in Carnarvon!

TR Families

Winning family home in Carnarvon!


We recently spoke to Brooke and Lance from Carnarvon. Their North West Echo Beach home was awarded the 2015 HIA Mid West Housing Awards Transportable/Kit Home of the Year!

Why did you buy a TR home? What made you decide to go with TR over other builders (local and other modular builders)?

We had been searching for our home and someone who could help us finance it for a while. We had looked at so many options however finance was becoming a problem. When on holidays in Perth we decided to look at the display homes. Lance went through many and came back excited – he had spoken to Darlene at TR Homes who was able to help us arrange finance and he loved the house he had just been in - the Echo Beach. What won us over was the friendly manner and willingness to help of the team we were speaking with.

What are the advantages/benefits you see in building modular/pre-fab/transportable homes?

The benefits for us were that everything was included in the price – there was nothing that was hidden or extra costs. Our home was built and delivered in less than 12 weeks and ready to be moved into after 2 months being on site. Everything was ready to go, we didn’t wait on floors or painting - it was all done. We had the choice of using local contractors once the house arrived on site – which was a big thing for us – we like to use local where we can. The whole process was so simple and stress free.

How is the house for you now, several months after moving in?

The house is great. We love it. We have realised there were a few things we overlooked in or excitement of the process and completing the outside is a bigger job than we thought but the house itself is great.

Is there anything you’ll do differently if you built another home?

We would make sure we consider things such as flyscreens and look carefully at our choices. Unfortunately we selected different security screens to the ones we wanted. We just didn’t pay attention – when we made all our selections we did these from home in Carnarvon. In saying that, the security screens and flyscreens are the only thing we really missed. Everything else we feel were great choices.

Please tell me a little about your family and life ....

We are Carnarvon locals and love the lifestyle. Lance is an operator at the local mine and I work for the local Christian School. We love speedway and have two boys ages three and five. We wanted a home that was suitable for our family, a place our boys would love and call home. They are enjoying the new space and the bedrooms have held many “race nights” since we moved in January!

Congratulations on winning the award! What did you think when you heard your home had won?

Lance wasn’t keen when I told him I had entered the house in the awards. I asked him to put pictures etc on the walls which he reluctantly did. When we found out we won we were very excited. Even Lance thought it was great. We are proud of our house and grateful TR Homes has made the process so much easier than we thought it would be. We appreciate the time, help and respect TR Homes has given us through the journey. We highly recommend TR Homes to everyone who speaks to us about building.