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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

McCarthys in Rudds Gully

TR Families

McCarthys in Rudds Gully


Doing business over a handshake

When Luke McCarthy isn’t flying Airbus A380s to exotic destinations all over the world, he and his family make the trip back to Rudds Gully (just out of Geraldton) to soak up the West Australian sun.

Luke, a pilot, his wife and two kids (son aged 5 and daughter aged 2) are based in the Middle East, but every now and then make the trip back to WA to holiday. He and his wife grew up on farms and want their kids to have similar experiences as them, even while living overseas.

“We love going back to our land for holidays so the kids can experience life outside of Dubai,” said Luke.

Already having a piece of land, they needed to build a home they could stay in during visits. The Cottesloe was a perfect solution for them.

“We bought the Cottesloe because it’s great value for money as a holiday home, having enough space for the four of us in a modern well-constructed home, that feels like a home rather than a ‘donga’ … it’s a little bit of luxury while still being affordable and not overcapitalising the land.”

They plan to use the two bedroom Cottesloe as a granny flat for friends and family when they eventually move back to Australia, and build a bigger home on their land.

So what ultimately made them chose TR? “Great service and assistance, and the willing to still do business over a handshake,” Luke said.

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