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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.


Modular Homes

Here at TR Homes we build our homes using a modular construction method. This means we build the homes on concrete slabs – or modules.

Modular homes

Here at TR Homes we build our homes using a modular construction method. This means we build the homes on concrete slabs – or modules. These slabs are poured into what looks like a large cake tin. When there have cured they are popped out and delivered to our production facility. When the slabs arrive, they are arranged according to the house design, then using prefabricated BlueScope steel frames, Colobond Custom Orb, Jason Windows and James Hardies claddings we start the build. When the home is 90% complete in our production facility it is unzipped, loaded on to the trucks and transported - in modules to your block. Once on site, the modules are installed and the final phase of your home build commences. 

Below outlines our typical build schedule

1.    Construction Yard building phase (10 – 16 weeks)

This phase can take anywhere from 10–16 weeks depending on the size of the home. Our homes are constructed to 90% completion in our production yard. All the tiles are laid, shower screens are fitted off. We even hang the mirrors on the wall before we transport to site. As we get towards the end of the building phase in the production facility, the siteworks team or local contractors will be mobilized to your block and commence specific site works, earthworks, service trenches, footings and stormwater ready for the arrival of your home.

2.    On-Site building phase (4-6 weeks)

Once your home modules have arrived at your block, allow another 4-6 weeks for completion. During this phase: •    

  • The modules will be reassembled and will be joined back together (zipped up)
  • Site connections will be connected to the building (e.g. power, water, sewerage)
  • Any decking/verandahs/carports are installed
  • A Practical Completion inspection will take place

As demonstrated, the time taken to build a modular building can be a fraction of the time compared to a traditional onsite build, which can take anything up to six months or more. It takes an average of 14-20 weeks from when the concrete slabs arrive at our production facility through to completion, making modular building an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution for many people.


Once Contracts are signed, colour selections made and finance has been approved, the concrete slab/s and steel frames for your home design are ordered and delivered to our Construction Yard.


1.    The Tradesmen stand the steel frames wall frames up on the pre-stressed concrete slabs and pitch the roof using the steel frames trusses


Next, the external cladding and roof cover is installed. Windows are fitted and glazed. The plumbers and Electricians come through and do all of the prelays for water, power and lights


Internal walls are lined, cupboards are fitted off, tiles are laid and wardrobes and shelving installed. Your house is really starting to look like a home now!


Nearly there! At 90% completion, your home is loaded onto a truck (or trucks) ready for transport.


The home reaches its destination where it is unloaded and installed. The onsite building phase begins, to complete the last 10% of your new home build!


Example of a finished client home in situ, Lake King WA