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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

Siteworks - Shayne explains why you shouldn't let just anybody do it


Siteworks - Shayne explains why you shouldn't let just anybody do it


As TR Homes’ Construction Supervisor, Shayne Hammond is often driving or even flying to our Clients’ building sites. From initial inspections of the site, checking access for the large semi-trailers delivering the sections of the home, through to supervising and quality checking the homes being complexed (reassembled), Shayne’s day to day work varies greatly.

Sometimes we are asked whether a Client can undertake earthworks, concreting, plumbing, electrical and septics themselves.

As people become more experienced in areas like booking their own DIY holidays and take that cost saving attitude into their new house build, the attraction of trying to save money by getting friends or local contractors to do some of this work can sometimes override getting the job done correctly.

As all these items occur on site, which is Shayne’s responsibility, we thought what better person to have a chat with then, than Shayne?

Shayne explains the detail that he undertakes with the very first stage of build, the earthworks. “When TR Homes is completing the earthworks, I organise a meeting with the Client, myself and our Earthworker to go through the levels, access, timing etc. early in the build program. If the Clients are doing their own earthworks I try and meet with them and if possible, their Earthworker, to go through the same detail.” 

One Client hired an Earthworker who did not read the plans correctly, which led to incorrect levels that needed remedial work to correct and the Client had to cover that cost. 

Shayne continues, “The big advantage of TR Homes managing the earthworks, or any site contractors for that matter, is that we try and use people who have worked on TR buildings before, have an understanding of what is required and how to read our plans. If we have missed anything in the initial assessments, then the issue is fixed by us, not the Client.”

Once the building is delivered, Shayne manages any TR Homes’ contractors to complete the building on site. With his experience at TR Homes, plus complete understanding of our build process and relationships with our contractors, Shayne is best positioned to ensure our Clients receive the quality home that they purchased, without additional expenses. 

The services are completed on site, including plumbing, electrical and septics. “The main plumbing issue is that some plumbers do not understand the underfloor formation of our buildings,” says Shayne.

“This sometimes leads to a miscalculation of the fall they have available to get the plumbing pipes to the septic system. Then the building may have to be lifted or a change to the septic system, both usually expensive options.”

Electrical work can also have some unforeseen areas for our Clients. Shayne explains. “The main electrical issue that occurs is that the Client’s electrician does not understand that they have to install the air conditioning units on site, which they have not allowed for and in some instances are not qualified to do this work.”

He concludes, “Appointing TR Homes to manage the entire build process from start to finish is a good insurance policy in my eyes. We are happy to take the risks because we understand them.

“You have a site manager to make sure our experienced contractors complete their work properly and if anything does happen, you have one point of contact and someone who won’t point the finger at another subbie, because the responsibility starts and ends with us.”

Yes, there may be the possibility of taking some money off the final contract figure with TR Homes, but that money will still need to be spent, with the risk then falling on the Client’s shoulders.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed cost cutting creating some major issues further down the line that can threaten the warranty of the home, or even hold up the final stages of finance with missing certification requirements for septics, electrical and plumbing.

Better a question asked before the event, than an expensive fix up or delay later. Please speak with one of our knowledgeable Sales Consultants for more information on any of these areas.

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