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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

Q+A with Verity, Prestart & Client Liaison Officer


Q+A with Verity, Prestart & Client Liaison Officer



So, you’ve purchased your new TR Home and everything is ready to get underway. Now comes the exciting part, bringing the design to life with colour and material selections…but don’t let the choice overwhelm you! We asked Verity, our Prestart and Client Liaison Officer, for her top tips to get the most from your Prestart session.

What’s involved in your role as Prestart & Client Liaison Officer?

Once the Sales stage is finalised, I become the main client liaison before you go into Construction. I’ll guide you through the Prestart phase. You’ll get our booklet to get you underway, we have our Prestart meeting, then confirm all choices and finalise quotes for upgrades. Then I hand you over.

What happens in the Prestart meeting?

We start by discussing your plans in detail and give you the chance to make any minor alterations. Then you select the colours and materials to construct your home. Plus, any upgrades you want to choose. Our Prestart booklet has all the detail and choices you need to have made decisions prior to our meeting and covers all external and internal finishes.

Another important part is the electrical components, not just the lighting design, but also the positioning of power points and switches.

It’s an extensive process but the meeting should only be about 2 hours.

Should we pre-plan?

The answer is yes, yes and yes. The more research you do, the easier it will be. Get together your own storyboard, or gather images in a scrapbook of themes and colours you like. What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create? Think about what furnishings you may want for your new home and where they will go, this is particularly important to consider for power points.

What do you enjoy most about your role at TR Homes?

I’m a people person so I love meeting with our clients to help them create their home, it’s very satisfying. I also find it fascinating seeing our clients’ style choices, they inspire me too!


Verity’s Top Tips

  1. Be organised. It’s a big task but you can take the pain away with organisation.

  2. Have a good idea of where the furniture will go.

  3. Know your colour scheme and finishes.