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TR Homes build quality steel-framed, modular homes in regional Western Australia and Northern Territory. As the specialists in modular housing for over 40 years, TR Homes know what it takes to deliver effortlessly stylish, durable homes tailored to your unique lifestyle. That’s our promise to you.

5 minutes with Mitch, TR Sales Consultant


5 minutes with Mitch, TR Sales Consultant


How long have you been a Sales Consultant with TR Homes?
3 amazing years! Before I was in sales, I worked out in the TR Homes construction yard which equipped me with an expert understanding of modular building.

What are the biggest misconceptions about modular homes that you frequently come across?
People still assume a modular home is a mining donga. They assume it is a cheap, poor quality build. This is just not true. The quality of our homes rivals any brick and tile build. Our clients live in rural country WA - there aren't any brick and tile builders out there - which is where we come in. We build homes here in our Maddington yard and deliver them anywhere in WA.

Do you have any advice for people beginning to look for a new home?

  • It's a good idea to have your land already purchased! This helps us to provide an accurate quote for site works and also informs which designs would best suit your block.
  • Definitely think about obtaining finance pre-approval. This will give you a figure for us to work with so we can present the best home design for your budget. I recommend you speak to our modular home loans specialist, David Busuttil of DB Finance. He has a lot of experience with securing loans for modular builds, which are different from more typical builds.
  • If budget is an issue, I suggest you look at features of the home that might be able to added on at a later date. For example - verandahs can have a larger price tag so if money is a bit tight, consider putting these on further down the track. You want to make sure you concentrate on the features you can't change down the line like high ceilings. Get those squared away up front.

What is your favourite TR Homes design?
The Pilbara. It's a real Entertainer's house. The open plan living/dining area feels really spacious and is great for socialising - and if you want a bit of quiet time, it has a separate Theatre Room that can be closed off.

If you would like to chat further to Mitch about any of the above, you can call him on 0448 620 105 or email